Anti-Snore-App for the Apple Watch

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Karlsruhe, Baden-Württemberg ( journalzoom) December 29, 2021 – Peaceful and restful sleep for all!

Small app, big impact: The Karlsruhe based company Mobile Box – App Consulting has already revolutionized the market for data protection-compliant solutions for number resolution in corporate address books with its SecureContact X app.


With the release of the new anti-snore app for people with non-disease-related snoring, Mobile Box – App Consulting is now turning to the digital health sector. Not only can snoring impair sleep recover, but it is also a widespread problem in relationships – it even happens that partners (may) no longer sleep in the same room.

Our anti-snore app is an anti-snore solution, which works according to a completely “natural” concept. The practice outlined below is a common method between numerous couples to free the other from snoring. A “gentle” nudge moves the person concerned to change their sleep position and thus to end the current snoring interval. The downside of this: The person “not” snoring has awakened and must become active, to come to rest themselves.

With our anti-snore app, the nudging is now transferred to the Apple Watch and automated. The app uses the state-of-the-art algorithms from the field of machine learning. Mobile Box – App Consulting evaluates the current sleep noises and gives the snoring person early unconscious assistance through vibrations. The duration of this impulse can be configured and ensures that the person concerned changes their sleeping position without waking up.

After a short familiarization period, the app promises:

– a reduced disturbance of the peace of the partner
– thus a more restful and regenerative sleep for everyone involved
– an improvement of the oxygen intake of the snoring person by shifting the body

Customer data remains exclusively on the Apple Watch and is deleted again immediately after evaluation. An active data connection is also not required. Thus, not only a restful sleep, but also the protection of data is in the foreground. For a full night, the watch should be charged before going to sleep, the consumption per hour is approx. 10% of the battery. Since all processes of the app work directly on the watch, the data and radio connections are deactivated independently overnight.

Using the Apple Watch app is very easy. To do this, the anti-snore app is downloaded from the AppStore via the iPhone. The app is thus automatically installed on the Apple Watch and used exclusively on it. When the app is started, the snore monitoring begins. It continues to work in the background until it stops, so there is no interruption in function when other apps are used.


The anti-snore app supports the languages English, Spanish, French and German out of the box.


The aim of Mobile Box – App Consulting UG is to make mobile communication simple and secure for authorities, companies and customers.

With “SecureContact X”, “SecureContact X Personal” apps, we sell solutions, which prevent the uncontrolled flow of data and at the same time represent a symbiosis of GDPR requirements and productivity potential. Thus, we have made it our mission to combine data protection, IT security and user-friendliness in the mobile working world of the future.

With the anti-snore app we dare to venture into an environment for private customer apps with high demands for data security and data protection.

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