Can Dogs Get the Flu Answered By Northern VA Dog Walking Company

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Centreville, Virginia (journalzoom ) July 8, 2021 – Local Paw Pals, a Northern Virginia dog walking company, recently released a new educational resource on their website designed for pet owners answering the question “can dogs get the flu“. The dog walking and care company designed this new article to help dog owners understand what canine influenza is, the associated symptoms, and the methods of treatment that are available. They hope it will be used as a research and informational tool for dog owners who are looking for assistance when caring for their sick animals.

In the article, Local Paw Pals provides some very helpful information for dog owners who would like to learn more about how dogs get the flu and what to do if your dog becomes sick. The dog walking company has extensive experience caring for all kinds of dogs and they are also well educated on how to tell if dogs are sick and how to care for them if they are. They have a long history of helping provide loving and friendly dog sitting and walking services for busy dog owners who want the best for their furry little friends.

While this new article focuses on educating dog owners on canine influenza and how to recognize and treat the condition, the company’s website also provides more information on their history, team, and experience as a company. On the website, you will also find more information in their full list of dog walking and care services which include dog sitting, dog walking, pet supplies, and more.

Local Paw Pals believes in offering personalized, full-service dog walking and pet sitting services with a smile. Their team is absolutely in love with animals and finds great joy in helping families enjoy their vacation with peace of mind knowing their beloved pets are in great hands. The team guarantees that they will love your pets as if they were their own and will give them the interaction and exercise they crave while keeping them safe and content in the process. They take pride in making happy pets AND happy pet parents.

For more information on their services, contact Local Paw Pals today at 703-345-1695 or visit their website at Their office is located at 14001-C Saint Germain Drive #213 in Centreville, VA 20121.


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