Financial Help is Available for Families of Children with Autism

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Carrollton, Texas (journalzoom ) July 21, 2021 – Parents of a child diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) may be grappling with a number of issues all at once. Balancing professional responsibilities and household chores, modifying the routines of the siblings and family members, and making significant changes to lifestyle are inevitable after such a diagnosis. These changes may help dedicate more time to the treatments, therapies, and medical appointments of the child with Autism. However, many parents do struggle with the sudden financial strain after a child’s Autism diagnosis, and this is where people can lean on the various support programs offered by Autism treatment center in Carrollton TX for families dealing with ASD.


The Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy experts at Behavior Pioneers, an Autism treatment center in Carrollton, TX advise parents to take a holistic view of all the help available. “Whether it is through education support, medical care, financial help, residential or living services, or job skills training (for older children or young adults with ASD), being aware of the available programs can help parents save at least some of their energy and resources while parenting a child with Autism”, says Brian Tanenbaum, owner and clinical director at Behavior Pioneers.

Since every state has different services, parents should check with the relevant state or county offices for health, mental health, human services, and developmental disabilities organizations. The benefits finder tool can help look up all the government benefits that families can access. Additionally, several non-profit organizations with nationwide presence offer support services and grants to families dealing with ASD.

In the state of Texas, people can seek financial support from organizations, such as:

Autism Care Today (ACT Today): Provides financial assistance to families throughout the United States and grants up to $5,000 on a quarterly basis to families with household incomes of less than $100,000. People can use these funds for medicines, home safety devices, ABA therapy, occupational therapy (OT), and speech therapy for the child with ASD.

Know Autism Foundation: Offer financial assistance ranging from $500 to $5,000 to help families dealing with Autism better navigate the process of diagnosis, treatments and interventions, and education.

Fund it Forward: Operating as a voluntary reciprocation non-profit, they help families purchase adaptive equipment (not covered by health insurance) for their children with ASD. Recipient families in turn assist in raising funds for other needy families.

Masonic Children and Family Services of Texas: Helping Texas families for over 120 years, this non-profit children’s charity funds qualifying recipients for ABA therapy Dallas TX, OT, counselling, tutoring, and medication, as well as school supplies, food, clothing, and other essentials related to safety, comfort, healthcare, and shelter.

– Residents of Texas may also be eligible for free ABA therapy offered by the Texas Health and Human Services Autism Program. Eligible children can receive up to 180 hours of therapy within a 12-month period up to a maximum of 720 hours of treatment during the child’s lifetime.

“This is by no means an exhaustive list. For more information on private or non-profit grants, parents can get in touch with the local chapters of Autism Society or Autism Speaks or connect with local parents groups and school district special education coordinators”, adds Tanenbaum.

“At Behavior Pioneers, our qualified and experienced Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBAs) and Registered Behavior Therapists (RBTs) stay abreast of all such applicable grants for the communities we serve. In addition to our Autism treatment centers in Carrollton, TX and Richardson, TX, we offer in-home ABA therapy throughout Dallas, TX and Fort Worth, TX. Our ABA behavior therapists in Fort Worth ensure that the families we work with are aware of the financial support and benefits that they can take advantage of while parenting a child with Autism,” concludes Tanenbaum.

About Behavior Pioneers:

Every ABA therapy professional at Behavior Pioneers works passionately towards their goal of improving the quality of life of children with ASD and their families. Our behavior therapists ensure that the families we work with are aware of the financial support and benefits that they can take advantage of while parenting a child with Autism. Visit for more.

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