Modemedia Employs a Holistic Approach in Presenting and Communicating Brand Stories

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Sydney, NSW (journalzoom ) June 22, 2021 – Modemedia, the leading branding agency Sydney, employs a holistic approach to growing brands through compelling storytelling and creative designs. They have been in business for over two decades and focus on the right area to reflect the goals, vision, and story of businesses.

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When asked about their service, “Great brands tell a story. We believe that business stories can help you get a leg up on your competition and attract the target audience with the power of clear communication,” replied the spokesperson of Modemedia.

He also continued, “Designing an aesthetically pleasing environment instils confidence between your brand and your customers. We will dress your brand with the finest concept that will draw attention.”

As one of the best creative agencies Sydney, Modemedia, creates a reasoned and responsive strategy to reflect the goal, vision, and story of the brand. They also make striking and memorable web design Parramatta that enhances brand identity.

Chris Hekeik, the founder of Modemedia, has a passion for storytelling. He established Modemedia to offer businesses a truly holistic approach to presenting and communicating their brand story in the most effective way. As a highly respected business owner, he puts in endless efforts that help businesses to achieve optimum results consistently.

Chris strives to revolutionise the businesses he works with, using an innovative and dynamic approach to branding. He crafts seamless end-to-end solutions which achieve genuine change.

“Storytelling is the ultimate form of brand communication. It brings the essence of your brand to life and emotionally engages with your audience,” said Chris Hekeik, the founder of Modemedia, the leading marketing agency Parramatta.

At Modemedia, they follow an open, innovative, strategic and personal approach that create honest conversations with customers and keep them coming back. They continuously monitor brand communication to allow the brands to stay ahead of their competitions.

“Branding is our business. We talk about brands, think about brands and conceive new brands to nurture and support for years to come. Every brand we cultivate has a story at its core – a tale of striving, struggle, creativity and hope. We understand this and create a unique strategy that helps brands tell their own story that drives success,” concluded the spokesperson of Modemedia.

About Modemedia:

Modemedia, the leading branding agency in Parramatta, is committed to growing brands through creative designs and storytelling for over two decades. Visit for more information.

Contact Details:

Contact Name: Chris Hekeik


8A Grose St, Parramatta,

Sydney, NSW,

Australia – 2150

Phone Number: 02 9648 8111


Contact Details:
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