NYC Fire Extinguisher Companies Support Mayor Adams’ Order to Strengthen Fire Safety Enforcement

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Brooklyn, NY (journalzoom) May 5, 2022 – New York City Mayor Eric Adams recently signed an executive order to strengthen fire safety enforcement and outreach, a move that followed the tragic Twin Parks apartment fire in the Tremont neighborhood of the Bronx that killed 17 people. The response from the Mayor’s office came in the form of an overall increased effort to identify safety violations before they occur and increase fire safety compliance – efforts that have not gone unnoticed by some NYC fire extinguisher supply and maintenance companies.

“If the Mayor himself is working towards equipping every New Yorker and every building in this city with the tools to avoid an unspeakable tragedy like the one we witnessed two months ago, we’re all for it and will get behind it,” states Jack Shammah, owner of Ace Fire Protection of Brooklyn, one of the New York-based businesses wholly supporting this endeavor. “With an overall increased effort to identify safety violations earlier while increasing fire safety compliance being implemented by the city’s government, Ace Fire Protection is also stressing the importance of supporting such measures to fellow business owners we have good relationships with.”

According to the Mayor’s office, the Department of Housing Preservation and Development will continue to seek out housing and business violation codes and also look for Fire Department compliance requirements in the buildings, including fire safety notices posted on entrance doors. Further, fire safety experts like Shammah believe that this executive order strengthens fire safety enforcement, while the outreach portion represents a proactive step that will save lives – and help ensure the city does not witness a repeat of what occurred at Twin Parks.

The FDNY will also be working closely with the HPD to launch a campaign to educate New Yorkers on fire safety, a measure that has sparked the interest of NYC fire equipment entities like Ace Fire Protection.

“Educating New Yorkers on fire safety is among the most important goals of the FDNY, and one we agree should be taken very seriously,” adds Shammah.

The outreach campaign will encompass education related to smoke detectors, self-closing doors and stove knob covers, in addition to what residents and business owners should do in the event of a fire.

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