Powerhouse Law Australia Emerges as Sydney’s Best Criminal Defence Lawyers

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Parramatta, NSW (journalzoom ) July 8, 2021 – With extensive knowledge and experience in securing the best possible results, Powerhouse Law Australia is recognised as the best criminal lawyers Sydney. Incorporated in 2015, they have been helping their clients effectively navigate the system and gain the best possible outcome for their circumstances.


When asked about this, “As one of the best law firms in Sydney, we focus on client service and satisfaction. We are Sydney’s fastest-growing legal precinct and practice exclusively in criminal law and traffic law, which includes drink driving, licence suspension appeals and more,” replied the spokesperson of Powerhouse Law Australia.

He also continued, “Winning your case and achieving the best results is what we aim to do for you. We will generate a strong defensive case against the Prosecution, represent each client with immense enthusiasm and achieve the best results in every case.”

The expert team at Powerhouse Law Australia consists of Accredited Specialists in Criminal Law, Senior Court Advocates and Solicitors and a strong group of Barristers who know how to fight for your rights and win your case. Their criminal lawyer Sydney offers you guidance, a detailed plan of attack, and options to help alleviate the pressure.

The criminal defence lawyers at Powerhouse Law Australia are highly experienced and can appeal most matters, including refusal of bail, the severity of sentences to the Court of Criminal Appeal or District Court, the penalty notice, suspension of a driver’s licence. And more.

“We offer advice and court representation for an extensive range of criminal offences including sexual assault and domestic violence cases, drug-related charges, and traffic law which includes traffic infringements and penalty notices. We also offer non-judgmental assistance and will do our absolute best to help you in all matters of criminal law,” concluded the spokesperson.

In addition to their own lawyers, they have access to an impressive specialist team of Barristers and Solicitors who work closely with other lawyers and organisations such as Legal Aid NSW, the Law Society of NSW and the NSW Bar Association, and are ready to help people with any legal problem.

About Powerhouse Law Australia:

Powerhouse Law Australia, an experienced team of criminal defence lawyers, is recognised as the best lawyers in Sydney for their extensive knowledge in securing favourable court results. Visit https://powerhouselaw.sydney/ for more information.

Contact Details:

Contact Name: Chadi Irani


Suite 8, Level 4, 20 Macquarie Street,
Parramatta, NSW,
Australia – 2150

Phone Number: 1800 100 529


Contact Details:
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