Resources for Teaching Lists the Essential Strategies for Enhanced Learning in Classrooms

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Sydney, NSW (journalzoom ) September 10, 2021 – Good educators are always searching for new ways to improve learning experiences for their students within the school environment. As society continues to change, so do the needs of pupils. For this reason, educators should use powerful strategies to enhance the student’s knowledge, understanding and skills to prepare them for all aspects of life. Resources for Teaching, the leading supplier of the best teacher resources Australia, lists useful strategies to enhance learning in classrooms


“Interactions involve the relationship between the pupil and other pupils, as well as the teacher, experts in particular fields on knowledge and mentors in the school environment. More knowledge is retained when students are active learners rather than passive ones, meaning that they need to socialise and collaborate with others during learning activities and be active participants for enhanced learning,” said the spokesperson.

Technology can be a helpful tool for children to utilise with a variety of E-Learning apps such as Google Classroom, Kahoot, Zoom, Seesaw, Photomath and Socrative which help improve the engagement of students and lay a communicative foundation between the students and the teacher.

The spokesperson also continued, “Learning is enhanced greatly by immediate feedback. This means that feedback should be provided sat the completion of a task, rather than a few days or weeks later. Students who are aware of exactly what they did well and what they can improve on have a greater understanding of what is required of them next time to be successful. Feedback also needs to be specific, so the child knows their strong and weak points directly. Teachers who provide detailed feedback to their students know that it is valuable and worth the extra time to sit down with the student and explain it to them.”

He also added, “Students engage with classroom resources on a daily basis to help them make sense of the content. It is important that only the best teacher resources are used to support your class of student’s needs. A variety of materials should be used during lessons including task cards, posters, visual displays, worksheets, presentations, crafts, tactile resources and more to develop students’ skills in a fun and meaningful way.”

The Resources for Teaching website has a useful collection of teaching materials to help support students in the classroom and save preparation time and effort of the educators. Be sure to visit their online store for plenty of engaging activities, presentations, work booklets, printables, task cards, free resources and much more.

Many educators and parents find their resources valuable and effective for teaching their children new skills and topics. For Australian classroom resources that can be downloaded instantly and share with students from any device, check out their online store.

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