Seaga Manufacturing Inc. Emerges As the Leading Provider of Vending Machines

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With over 31 years of experience, Seaga Manufacturing Inc. has been serving the world with innovative, value-driven space-efficient designs that inspire sales in a wide variety of locations. They specialize in offering wholesale vending machines.


When asked about their services, the spokesperson of Seaga Manufacturing Inc. replied, “With over three decades of automatic merchandising innovation and expertise, Seaga Manufacturing Inc. is one of the world’s leaders in the manufacturing, design, engineering, and sale of the most essential, first in class, vending technologies, and accessories. We specialize in providing intelligent inventory control machine.

He continued, “Given the growing requirements of industrial vending, Seaga Manufacturing Inc. unveils its IIC SightGuard. With its robust cloud-based technology integration that employs reliable scalability and proficient network handshaking, the IIC SightGuard is the optimal choice for incorporating secure inventory control.”

Commenting on the features of their cold beverage vending machine, “Our cold beverage vending machines come with high energy efficiency at just 1,314 kWh per year, easy access to refrigeration deck, polycarbonate door design, 18 selections, from 20 columns, designed and manufactured in America, easy access to all serviceable parts, proven reliability, with over ¼ million test vends, easy to fill, with drop-down retainers, and diverse vending ability. In short, our buying our cold beverage vending machine – higher profit margins and expanded options; all with a lower cost,” concluded the spokesperson of Seaga Manufacturing Inc.

Seaga Manufacturing Inc. expanded the Seaga group of companies to provide worldwide sales, manufacturing, and service. One of their products, PPE vending machine’s demand, is being high, becoming out of stock more often. This is because, Seaga’s INF5S-PPE makes it easy to promote safety, accountability, and compliance on the job. They also provide customer service that is focused on making sure information is available, relevant, and conducive to providing all of their customer’s quality service.

About Seaga Manufacturing Inc

Seaga Manufacturing Inc is one of the world’s leaders in the manufacturing, design, engineering, and sale of vending technologies and accessories. They specialize in offering vending machines wholesale. To learn more, visit

Contact Details:

Contact Name: Pablo Lopez Ortega


700 Seaga Drive,
Freeport, Illinois,
The United States,61032

Phone Number: 815 297 9500


Contact Details:
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