Top NYC Fire Extinguisher Companies Like Ace Fire Protection Stress Three Safety Tips for Businesses

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Brooklyn, NY (journalzoom ) March 3, 2022 – According to leading NYC fire extinguisher sales and service companies throughout the city, many businesses do not understand the fire safety issues they face, the primary problem being that most owners are ill-informed and ill-equipped to handle the challenges that lurk in their very walls. To this end, top fire equipment entities in New York, such as Brooklyn’s Ace Fire Protection, have put together a list of three primary fire safety tips for NYC businesses so that fire disasters are better prevented.

“We were witness to a real estate business in New York, located adjacent to a restaurant, where one evening after the restaurant had closed, a fire had broken out in an appliance that wasn’t turned off,” states Jack Shammah, owner of Ace Fire Protection. “As the fire spread through the walls and drop ceiling, the real estate business – along with three others – was engulfed in flames. It is situations like this we hope to help NYC business owners avoid, as thinking about fire safety after the fact is simply too late.”

The first safety tip on this list urges businesses to take preventative action, which equates to calling a licensed NYCBD contractor to review their fire safety systems at the workplace. As Shammah explains, “Business owners need to ensure their fire safety system is installed based on the National Fire Protection Administration standards.”

Secondly, businesses are urged to install high-quality fire safety technology, with equipment designed specifically for the workplace – restaurants, in particular, are advised to use the UL-300 Wet Chemical Fire System.

Lastly, business owners are encouraged to test and maintain their fire safety equipment periodically while avoiding the assumption that their equipment will function properly. Testing the equipment and calling a fire extinguisher inspection service for maintenance and reporting, say experts like Shammah, are key here.

Ace Fire Protection offers certified and licensed fire extinguisher sales and services that meet FDNY and NYC certification and licensing requirements.

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